Contrary to some other predictions, NOAA says Maine will likely see a "warmer than average" winter.

NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center has released its prediction for the 2020-21 winter season. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says another "warmer-than-average" winter is predicted for Maine, and all of New England. In addition, Maine is forecast to have "equal chances for below, near, or above-average precipitation" this winter.

The forecast for Maine and New England closely resembles NOAA's prediction from last winter. Most of the state saw a milder winter, with much of the higher accumulating precipitation to the north.

As for the current drought throughout the state, forecasters expect those conditions to improve. Predictions show much of Maine rebounding from drought conditions, with portions of the state seeing an end to exceptionally dry conditions entirely.

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According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, the entire state is still experiencing varying drought conditions. Much of Maine is experiencing "severe" drought conditions.

Three portions of the state are currently listed under "Extreme Drought." Those areas include a section of Aroostook County, extending to far north-eastern Penobscot County. Another area covers the southern tip of Maine, extending north to the Portland area. A new area of "Extreme Drought" has since developed in a large portion of Somerset County.


Contradictory to NOAA's forecast, the 2020-21 Farmers' Almanac predicts "a mix of intense systems that will keep delivering a wintry mix of rainy, icy and/or snowy weather throughout winter." 

Mainers know winter here is unpredictable. We'll see what happens.

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