The MDI Girls Tennis Team lost their first match of the season, falling to the Hampden Broncos 2-3, while the Boys lost 0-5 at Hampden Academy on Monday, May 10th. Here are the individual results.


  • 1st Singles - Lelia Weir lost to Mikiko Frey 2-8
  • 2nd Singles - Taber Allen lost to Annika Bragg 3-8
  • 3rd Singles - Austria Morehouse lost to Mackenzie Patterson 3-8
  • 1st Doubles - Olivia Chandler/Avonlea Brown defeated Sam Quesney/Ana Schmidt 9-8 (7-5 in tiebreaker)
  • 2nd Doubles - Jane Pope/Julia Perconti defeated Chandler Smith/Ella Baldwin 8-4


  • 1st Singles - Westy Granholm lost to Owen Flannery 2-8
  • 2nd Singles - Finn Seyffer lost to Oliver Bois 1-8
  • 3rd Singles - Jack Hodgdon lost to Liam Castrucci 1-8
  • 1st Doubles - Marshall Reiff/Jameson Weir lost to Will Airey/Finn Castrucci 1-8
  • 2nd Doubles - Moses Lincoln/Whit Chaplin lost to Tate Clough/KJ Morse 0-8

The tennis teams are back on the court Tuesday afternoon May 11th with the Boys at Belfast, while the Girls play host to Belfast. Both matches are set to begin at 4 p.m.

Thanks to Lelia Weir for the stats.


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