The 2nd Annual MDI Girl's Flag Football Tournament was held on Wednesday, November 9th at MDI High School and the Senior Class Team are the Champions for the 2nd year in a row. Members of the Senior Class Team were Ally Bender, Paige Mason, Abbe Miller, Lydia DaCorte, Rachel Jacobs, Natasha Olearcek, Maya Watras Emma Watras, Alaina Duley and Mariah Hamor. Coaches were Jimmy Carroll, Graham Good and Gus Reeves.

In the 1st Game the Seniors defeated the Sophomores 19-6. In the 2nd Game the Juniors defeated the Freshmen 36-6.

That set up the consolation game of the Sophomores vs the Freshmen, and Sophomores shut out the Freshmen 12-0.

Seniors vs. Junior Flag Football Game Photo Walter Churchill

In the finals, the Seniors defeated the Juniors 12-6 to win the Tournament!

Congratulations to the members of the Student Council and others involved in putting on a fantastic tournament.

Freshmen Flag Football Team - Photo Walter Churchill
Junior Flag Football Team - Photo Walter Churchill
Sophomore Flag Football Team - Photo Walter Churchill