It's been many years since the MDI Trojans have defeated the Waterville Purple Panthers in Waterville, but the Trojans dominated Waterville Friday night, October 6th, defeating them 53-14.

Waterville won the coin toss and deferred, electing to send their defense out onto the field first. For the 1st time all season, MDI didn't score on their opening possession and were forced to punt the ball.

Waterville took over on their own 31 yard line, with 9:40 remaining in the 1st Quarter, but MDI's forced Waterville to punt, and MDI took over on their own 34 yard line with 7:38 left in the 1st Quarter.

MDI scored, when Elijah Joyce ran in from 5 yards out, and Joyce ran in for the 2 point conversion. The drive took 2:42 and with 4:56 left in the 1st Quarter, MDI led 8-0.

Waterville took over on their own 30 yard line and MDI forced a punt. Elijah Joyce blocked the punt and picked it up, nearly running the ball back. He was tackled at the Waterville 16 line. Croix Albee, playing for the 1st time this season, scored from 8 yards out, and also ran the ball in for the 2 point conversion. With 11:54 remaining in the 1st Half MDI was up 16-0.

Waterville took over on their own 43 yard line, and scored 6:07 later, when Chase Wheeler was wide open in the right corner of the end zone, and Jack Thompson completed the pass from 16 yards out. The 2 point conversion was good and MDI was up 16-8 with 5:43 remaining in the 1st Half.

MDI then took over on their own 39 yard line. It only took 1:33 and Colby Lee was rumbling in from 58 yards out. Albee ran in for the 2 point conversion and MDI was up 24-8 with 4:04 remaining in the 1st Half.

Wanterville was forced to punt and MDI took over at their own 47 yard line. MDI was forced to punt, and the snap to Colby Lee was high, resulting in a short punt, and Waterville took over on the MDI 26 yard line with 1:29 left.

MDI's defense forced a turnover, as Andrew Phelps picked off Thompson and returned the interception 80 yards for a pick 6. But, the touchdown was nullified after an illegal block,. But Albee ended up running in from 1 yard out with 6.5 seconds left. Albee ran in for the 2 point conversion and at the end of the 1st Half, MDI was up 32-8.

Waterville received the ball to start the 2nd Half, and took over at their own 14 yard line. MDI forced the punt, and took over on the Waterville 36 yard line. Colby Lee scored his 2nd touchdown of the night, running in from 20 yards out. The drive took 1:51. Albee ran in for the 2 point conversion and with 7:57 remaining in the 3rd Quarter the Trojans were up 40-8.

Waterville took over on their own 35 yard line and MDI's defense forced a turnover on downs. The Trojans took over on the Waterville 46 with 4:47 left in the 3rd Quarter. Billy Kerley ran in from 14 yards out for the Trojans, in a drive that took 2:13. James McConomy's point after kick was blocked, and MDI lead 46-8 with 2:34 remaining in the 3rd Quarter.

Waterville then punted, and MDI changed quarterback, putting in James McConomy. McConomy completed a 80 yard pass to Abrahm Malloy and McConomy converted the extra point kick, and with 10:04 remaining in the game, MDI was up 53-8.

Waterville scored their final touchdown with about a minute remaining as Brodie Andreozzi ran in from 21 yards out. The 2 point conversion was no good, making the final score 53-14.

MDI Stats
Colby Lee 10 Carries 140 Yards 2 TD's
Billy Kerley 6 Carries 43 Yards 1 TD
Croix Albee 9 Carries 37 Yards 2 TD 4 2 Point Conversions
Elijah Joyce 5 Carries 26 Yards 1 TD, 1 2 Point Conversion
Alden Fournier 3 Carries 9 Yards
Ethan Harkins 2 Carries 7 Yards
Andrew Phelps 6 Carries 2 Yards
Cody Moodeen 1 Carry 0 Yards
Sam Mitchell 1 Carry 0 Yards

James McConomy 1 Completion 80 Yards 1 TD
Andrew Phelps 2 Completions 19 Yards

Abarahm Malloy 1 Reception 80 Yards 1 TD
Croix Albee 1 Reception 17 Yards
Billy Kerley 1 Reception 2 Yards

Waterville Stats
Trafton Gilbert 10 Carries 35 Yards
Jack Thompson 11 Carries 33 Yrds
Nick Wildhaber 8 Carries 30 Yards
Trent Andreozzi 3 Carries 21 Yards 1 TD
Jordan Castro-Thibodeau 3 Carries 14 Yards
Kody Valle 1 Carry Minus 1 Yard
Chase Wheeler 2 Carries Minus 6 Yards

Jack Thompson 4-11 41 Yards 1 TD 1 Interception

Cooper Hart 3 Receptions 25 Yard
Chase Wheeler 1 Reception 16 Yards

MDI is now 5-1 and plays host to Leavitt in MDI's Homecoming Game on Friday, October 13th at 7 PM.

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