The MDI Girl's Summer Basketball Team fell to Camden Hills 55-50  early Saturday morning, July 8th, in the John Bapst Title IX Invitational at the Cross Insurance Center.

The Title IX Invitational is being played to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Title IX and features the following teams

  • Calais
  • Camden Hills
  • Caribou
  • Ellsworth
  • Foxcroft Academy
  • Hodgdon
  • John Bapst
  • Mattananawcook Academy
  • PVHS
  • Skowhegan
  • Spruce Mountain

A Unified Game was played early Saturday afternoon as part of the program. The Invitational continues on Sunday, July 9th.

MDI led 25-20 at the end of the 1st Half.

The Trojans were led by Sophia Brophy with 22 points while Lexi Tozier had 9 points.

Camden Hills was led by Leah Jones with 20 points while Maddison Cronkite had 11 points.

Memeber of the MDI Summer Team include

  • Mia Shaw
  • Alexsandra Hanley
  • Mallory Dunbar
  • Emma Simard
  • Nora Paulsen
  • Kelsea Noyers
  • Sophia Brophy
  • Mollie Gray
  • Lily Norwood
  • Lexi Tozier

Box Score


Mia  Shaw211---
Alexsandra Hanley422---
Mallory Dunbar00----
Emma Simard211---
Nora Paulsen211---
Kelsea Noyes422---
Sophia Brophy24109135
Mollie Gray211---
Lily Norwood31-1--
Lexi Tozier733-12

Camden Hills

Leah Jones2061534
Madison Cronkite1142212
Maren Johnson62-2--
Karly Putansu211---
River Bell00----
Isabelle DeBrosky00----
Rose Tohanczyn844--2
Tallulah  Marks422---
Kirstan Jones422---


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