The road to Orono and the Class C State Gold Ball Game goes through Bar Harbor after the MDI Trojans beat Nokomis 44-22 on Senior Recognition Night on Friday, October 20th. The win means the Trojans finish the regular season as the number 1 seed and a 7-1 record.

MDI won the toss and elected to receive and took over on their own 42 yard line.Croix Albee ran in from 5 yards out, in a drive that took 8 plays and 3:55. Albee ran in for the 2 point conversion and with 7:58 in the 1st Quarter MDI led 8-0.

Nokomis then fumbled on the kickoff return and Michah Hallett recovered the ball and MDI took over on the Nokomis 42 yard line. It only took 57 seconds, and 2 plays before Colby Lee ran in from 42 yards out. Billy Kerley ran in for the 2 point conversion and with 7:01 remaining in the 1st Quarter the Trojans were up 16-0.

Nokomis took over on their own 38 yard line, but MDI forced the Warriors to punt, and the Trojans took over on their own 38 yard line with 3:48 remaining in the 1st Quarter. 8 plays later Colby Lee scored from 32 yards out. The 2 point conversion was no good, and the drive took 3:17. MDI led 22-0 with 31.2 seconds remaining in the 1st Quarter.

Nokomis took the kick back to their own 40 yard line and were on the scoreboard after a drive that took 3:45.Quarterback Andrew Haining ran in from 3 yards out. Carter Shaw kicked the extra point and with 8:46 remaining in the 1st Half MDI was up 22-7

MDI scored with 2:05 remaining in the 1st Half when Croix Albee powered in from 1 yard out. This was a 15 play drive that took 6:39. Colby Lee ran in for the 2 point conversion and at the end of the 1st Half, MDI was up 30-7.

Nokomis fumbled in their opening drive of the 2nd Half, and then MDI subsequently fumbled. Nokomis took over on their own 11 yard line and went down the field, a drive that took 3:20 before Haining threw a completion to Alex Costedio who went into the end zone. Shaw kicked the extra point, and with 11:55 remaining in the game, MDI led 30-14.

Two plays later, Andrew Phelps busted loose for a 50 yard touchdown run and then capped the scoring drive off by running in for the 2 point conversion and with 11:05 remaining in the game MDI was up 38-14.

Nokomis scored again on a little pop pass as Haining completed a pass to John Haliburton from 1 yard out. The 2 point conversion was good and MDI led 38-22 with 7:34 remaining.

The Trojans scored the last touchdown when Andrew Phelps ran in from 9 yards out with 2:03 remaining. The 2 point conversion was no good and that was the final 44-22.

MDI now 7-1 will play host to the 8th seed next Friday night, October 27th at 7 PM in Bar Harbor. The 8th seed will either be the John Bapst Crusaders or Old Town Coyotes. That won't be decided until the Old Town-Medomak Valley game. A Coyote win and they will be the 8th seed. If they lose, the Crusaders will be the 8th seed. The MDI -John Bapst or Old Town playoff game will be broadcast on AM 1370 WDEA, on WDEA Internet Radio and on our free downloadable APP from the APP store sponsored by First National Bank with the pregame starting at 6:30 PM and kickoff at 7 PM.

Nokomis 6-2 will finish the season as the 4th seed and will play host to the 5th seed MCI Huskies 4-4 next Saturday, October 28th in the quarterfinals. If Medomak Valley beats Old Town on Saturday afternoon, October 21st Nokomis could possibly finish as the 3rd seed and go a head of Hermon.

MDI Stats

Colby Lee 12 Carries 173 Yards
Croix Albee 27 Carries 133 Yards
Andrew Phelps 8 Carries 97 Yards
Billy Kerley 9 Carries 33 Yards
Elijah Joyce 4 Carries 25 Yards

Andrew Phelps 1-3 8 Yards

Abrahm Malloy 1 Reception 8 Yards

Nokomis Stats

Andrew Haining 7 Carries 37 Yards
Alex Costedio 4 Carries 14 Yards
John Haliburton 3 Carries 13 Yards
Tyler Pelletier 1 Carry 3 Yards
Colby Pinette6 Carries 3 Yards


Andrew Haining 15-20 235 Yards


Tyler Pelletier 3 Receptions 79 Yards
Brock Graves 6 Receptions 62 Yards
Hayden Black 2 Receptions 59 Yards
Alex Costedio 4 Receptions 34 Yards
John Haliburton 1 Reception 1 Yard

Thanks to Walter Churchill for the great photos!


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