Dr. Marc Gousse , the Superintendent of AOS 91 sent out the following email to staff and students on Friday, March 27th. Unfortunately if you don't have a school email, I don't believe you will receive it. He has authorized the updates to be forwarded to me, so they may be shared with you! Here's the Friday, March 27th update

Good Evening Families and Friends,
As we all settle into our new reality, I wish to acknowledge, and thank you for your patience and support of our staff as we work in the best interest of our students. Thank you for understanding and recognizing everyone is working hard to do the right things and make a positive difference. Our teachers, support staff and administrators have worked tirelessly to ensure we provide resources, remote teaching/learning and engagement to the best of our ability. Although there remain hurdles, we are pleased with initial feedback received and hope you will continue to reach out to our staff with any feedback and questions.

Should you experience any challenges with technology, please know we are checking all messages (remotely) daily. As a reminder, all school buildings/offices are closed to any staff, students and visitors until further notice.

Recognizing all our member school communities may be in different stages of preparedness given the unique situation we are in, I wish to note our school district is not comparing our efforts to neighboring districts or schools - we will continue to move forward, and work collaboratively as a district to the best of our abilities with regard for the greater good of all of our students.

In consideration of the future - I am first, and foremost, an optimist and... also a realist- I firmly believe we will overcome this challenge however, we cannot do it independently - this virus knows no zip code, color, creed or social status - it spreads without prejudice. Therefore, we must all be prepared for a long - term, sustained challenge - no doubt, there will be setbacks however, continue to look for positives, believe and know - we will prevail! This is a time for tremendous growth and an opportunity for communities and society as a whole to capitalize on our strengths and consider our blessings.

As we remain focused on our return, we are mindful of the activities, events and unique experiences that may potentially look different dependent upon how we balance health and safety with tradition. In the days and weeks to come our staff will continue to work hard to ensure student, and parent, voice is heard and that we do everything in our capacity to celebrate the success of our students.

Thank you for your continued support of our students, staff and schools. Please check our website (mdirss.org), newsletters , emails and look for continued updates from your building principal and teachers.
Marc Edward Gousse, Ed.D.
MDIRSS AOS # 91 Superintendent of Schools

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