We all need some positive affirmation in our life. Thank-yous, words of appreciation and kindness go so much further than one can imagine. That's what Love Letters of MDI is trying to tap into. For 2 weeks April 14th through April 28th, there will be an Appreciation Station set up at the Jesup Memorial Library on Mount Desert Street in Bar Harbor.

Here's how it works...

Write a hand written note to someone (who lives on Mount Desert Island) that deserves a note of appreciation, love, or encouragement. For example

Dear Bob who works at the Hannaford, When my freezer died with the four pounds of scallops in it and you saw me wretching outside of my house when I was cleaning it out and you stopped to see if I was ok. It reminded me why I live in this community and it made me grateful. Thank you. Sheila the Scallop Lady.

Be sure to give us some info on how to get a hold of this person. (extra points for creativity here)

Put it in the Appreciation Station Mailbox.

Love Letters will find them via FaceBook, Instagram, Phone or Personal Delivery

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