We all have to register our cars every year. There's no escaping it. It's a great source of revenue for the state, for sure. But there is an idea being floated through state legislature, to end the fee for getting a Gold Star license plate. These special plates are for families who have lost loved ones serving in the military.

Photo: maine.gov
Photo: maine.gov

Now, it's not expensive. It's only $35. But should we really be taking money from families who've already paid the ultimate sacrifice ten times over? Rep. Justin Fecteau from Augusta doesn't think so. He'd like to see the 300 families currently displaying Gold Star plates be able to do that for free.

In a story from News Center Maine, this idea was proposed at a public hearing yesterday in Augusta, and received absolutely no opposition. It is still in the proposal stage at this time, and needs to be drafted into a bill, which would then go before state lawmakers.

This is just one man's opinion, but I think the right thing to do is get rid of this fee. It's not much money, but these families have already paid with their loved one's life. Should we really ask them to fork out $35 to honor a fallen family member? No way. At a time when almost everything going before our state legislature is being questioned by the public, this just makes common sense.

Let's hope that common sense isn't up for debate.

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