Great news! Jagger is home after 9 days on the run in Ellsworth!

photo Marleina Ford
photo Marleina Ford

Back on July 20th we told you about Jagger. Jagger is a rescue that just came to Maine and ran off on July 20th at around 8 p.m. His new family was worried sick!

He ran off in the Ridge Way/Bucksport Road area in Ellsworth. Jagger is a little over 2 years old and about 50 pounds. He's a lab/pit bull/shepherd mix. As you can see from the photos he's white with a brindle coloring around his eyes. When he ran off, he was wearing a collar. He is microchipped

Jagger's family set up game cameras and heard from lots of people that he was remaining in the area. They set up a feeding station and saw him eating in it on Sunday, July 24th. Patience and prayers and Jagger was trapped in the cage last night, 9 days after he went on his trip.

Thanks to everyone who reported sightings and didn't chase or spook Jagger. Now stay Jagger! Enjoy Maine and your new home and family!
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