There will be a whole lot of serving and very little protecting as members of the Ellsworth Police Department and surrounding agencies join together for a Tip-A-Cop event at Helen's Restaurant in Ellsworth on Monday, June 24th from 5 to 7 p.m.

Tip-A-Cop is when members of law enforcement join the servers to bring you, your meal! They'll be assisting in taking your order, bringing you water and other drinks, help serving your food, and clearing your place. They'll help with dessert orders and may even serve you and bring you coffee.

All the proceeds will go to the Maine Special Olympics. You are encouraged to tip the cop, but don't forget your regular servers too!

We'll be down there to take some photos!

You can check out photos from 2022 when they held Tip-A-Cop at Helen's to benefit Project Hope.

Tip-A-Cop at Helen's Restaurant for Project HOPE

There was a whole lot of serving of delicious food and mouth-watering drinks at Helen's Restaurant on Monday night, April 11th, by members of the Ellsworth Police Department and friends. Thanks to the generosity of a hungry, thirsty and patient customers $3500 was raised to support Project HOPE.

Gallery Credit: Chris Popper

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