There's nothing quite like an ice cream on a hot day! Whether you like ice cream sandwiches or popsicles, that icy refreshment really beats the heat. But...what if you went to the ice cream truck and all they had was....broccoli! Bananas! Apples! Would you take it?

Watch this health food prank as a guy in an ice cream truck tries to talk some people into healthy alternatives to fatty frozen treats. Some reactions are more...umm...colorful than others! The bad words are bleeped out, but you might want to keep that in mind before playing it loud enough for others to hear.

My favorite part of the prank is when he offers apples and a bunch of little kids get very excited! Their Mom has taught them well that apples are awesome!

All in all, it's pretty funny! But I do think he would've done better if he'd been offering some COLD healthy yogurt!