Imagine you're spending a day at the lake, enjoying the sun and the scenery, when suddenly a guy dressed like Jason from 'Friday the 13th' walks out of the water carrying a machete! What do you do? The reactions are mixed, but funny.

The prank was put together by some guys with the help of a dive center in Rhode Island and they had fun with it. They pranked young people, fishermen, and a poor woman who just parked her vehicle. Just look at the size of the guy in the mask. He'd scare anyone!

I felt bad for the guys in the boat. I mean, fishing is supposed to be relaxing! And falling in the water with a cellphone could be expensive.

Then there's the couple sitting on the rock. Do you think that's tobacco in that pipe? Somehow I doubt it. But the reaction was funny!

My favorite, however, is the guy walking the dog. The absolute picture of indifference! There is one missed 'beep' at some strong language, so be aware of that before watching it around kids. Funny? Or mean? I live near a pond and so I can relate to the shock value of this prank. Not sure whether I'd laugh or be annoyed. But whichever, parts of the video are pretty darn amusing!