After our first below zero night here in Maine, we start getting in our head the worry of frozen pipes. Typically for this time of year, depending on where you are in the state, we average about 29-degrees Fahrenheit.  We typically fall into the low teens or have highs in the low 40s, according to

So, when should we be careful of our pipes freezing during this time of year?

A study shared by Consumer Reports and conducted by the Building Research Council at the University of Illinois shows that the 'temperature alert threshold' is at 20-degrees Fahrenheit.

Last year at this time we had experienced a much warmer weather pattern than usual. This year our winter seems to have been a little more typical with average Maine winter temperatures for December and the frozen pipe threshold doesn't seem to be an issue quite yet.  But, there is more winter to come.  So, here's what else to keep in mind when it comes to assessing frozen pipe risk in your home.

You need to take into consideration which pipes are most at risk of having water freeze inside of them in your house.

Maine Emergency Management Agency states that those pipes that are located near the outer walls of your house would be ones to pay close attention to.  Consumer reports states there are a few extra places to put your attention to, "The pipes most at risk are those in unheated interior spaces such as basements, attics, and garages. But even pipes running through cabinets or exterior walls can freeze."

Ideally, you would have already completed a few things to avoid your pipes freezing but, you can still seal cracks around exteriors near your pipes.  You can still add insulation around your pipes to help regulate the water temperature in the pipes better.  Also, open faucets at night on a regular basis to allow for water to flow through the pipes and try to avoid ice build-up.

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