"Ring around the moon, rain soon."

Have you ever witnessed this cool spacey sight in the night sky? Lunar halos are often paired with the saying, "Ring around the moon, rain soon." According to EarthSky.org, the saying has truth to it; as high, thin cirrus clouds often form ahead of a storm.

Without getting too technical, thin cirrus clouds contain millions of ice crystals that refract and reflect light, causing a ring or "halo" around the moon or sun.

Author's Note:

While sitting by the camp fire in northern Maine over the weekend, I noticed a this lunar halo. It's the fist time I've seen and photographed an example of a ring around the moon. I was familiar with the adage "ring around the moon, rain soon," and sure enough, it rained early that morning. As anyone who has tried taking a picture of the moon with an iPhone, it just can't capture what the eye sees in entirety.

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