There is a brother(sister)hood among fire and police officers. When one is injured, all feel the pain. This has never been more evident this year, with the loss of Captain Michael Bell of the Farmington Fire Department and Maine State Police Detective Ben Campbell.

With the propane explosion in Farmington injuring so many members of the Farmington Fire Department, Fire Departments throughout the State have taken turns filling in to help cover the Town of Farmington. On Monday, September 23rd, a crew from Mount Desert Island will head to Farmington.

3 of the Island's chiefs are leading a crew, taking a truck down. Matt Bartlett from Bar Harbor, Tom Chisholm of Southwest Harbor and Mike Bender from Mount Desert will head down there with local firefighters.

Thank you to those heading to Farmington, those covering the Island, and those praying for a swift recovery for those injured. At times like this, we are all Farmington Strong!

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