Ever since our beloved Bob passed away on April 9th, we have been a two dog family, with Henley our rescue dog from the SPCA of Hancock County, who has lived with us for 4 years, and is 11, and Wilma, our son's 2 year old Great Dane. Well, that is about to change, on Sunday, August 6th, when we are going to adopt Elmer.

Elmer Photo Chris Popper

Elmer is actually Wilma's biological brother, as they were from the same litter.  My wife Bonnie and I had been talking about getting another dog, and actually getting another Great Dane, like Wilma. We had never had big dogs like her, but we have fallen completely in love with Wilma

So fast forward to last weekend, when we received a call from Jill Schnedler, who was Wilma and Elmer's breeder, asking us if were were interested in another Great Dane. She told us about Elmer, and the fact that Elmer's owner needed to surrender him. So we planned a little dog party at the City Park tonight, so Henley and Wilma could meet Elmer and see if everyone got along.

It appeared that Wilma and Elmer bonded right away, and I wasn't expecting anything less, knowing that Wilma loves to play with other dogs. It was Henley that I was a bit concerned about, but after a little bit of sniffing and once everyone was off the leash, everyone seemed to get along fine! Elmer appears to be a good listener and is well trained!

So, Elmer, will become a Popper on Sunday! His birthday is June 24, 2015 but his gotcha day will be August 6, 2017!

Elmer Photo Chris Popper

Welcome to the family Elmer!