So if you follow my postings, you probably know that I was going to get Honey, a yellow lab from Georgia this weekend. Unfortunately, Honey's owner never surrendered Honey or Sugar, and just gave them away. I found this out last week and I was heartbroken, as I thought I had found my new forever dog.

Well, it turns out I had, but not in Georgia, but from the Hancock County SPCA. We featured Henley yesterday, as the Hancock County SPCA Animal of the Week, and I thought he looked pretty cute. Moreover, I thought he looked like one of our other dogs, Bob, who is an Australian Shepherd. So while I was down in Ellsworth yesterday, I stopped in and met Henley.

First of all, I can't tell you how impressed I am with the folks at the Hancock County SPCA. They were very friendly, and easy to work with. The facility is clean and it doesn't smell, and when compared to another facility I was in, this was head and shoulders above it!

So I spent about 20 minutes with Henley yesterday and I fell in love. I asked if I could bring him home for a night, to see how he would do with Bob and Wishbone, and they said yes. So off we went, back to Bangor at 3:30 PM. He loves to go for car rides!

We met Bob and my wife Bonnie at the park near our home. Henley was a bit anxious but quickly accepted Bob, and Bob seemed ok with Henley. So we went home. Bob is a herder, Henley is a herder, and Bob spent most of the evening trying to herd Henley. Bob, Henley and I sat on the back porch, and everything went well. Henley loves to play catch, and tug of war with one of the rope toys we have at the house.

Then it was bedtime. Now Bob sleeps in the bed with us, and Wishbone has a bed in the room. Bob wasn't happy with Henley coming into the bedroom, as when I went up, with Bonnie and Bob in bed, Bob started growling. I thought, enough with that, so Henley and I went back downstairs, me to the couch, and Henley to the floor. And that's where we slept!

This morning, Henley came to work with me. I wasn't comfortable leaving him alone with Wishbone and Bob all day. He spent time in my office with the rope toy, and went to Bucksport, Ellsworth and Trenton and then back to the office. He loves to ride in the car!

I filled out all the paperwork, and we've gone from fostering him for a night, to owning him forever! We've had a great day, and he's asleep under my desk right now.

We're going home in a minute, and we'll hopefully have another peaceful night. Henley will be sleeping downstairs, or in my older boy's room (although he doesn't know it yet), and hopefully I'll be in the bed with Bonnie and Bob!

I'll keep you posted on our newest addition! Keep your fingers crossed!