I've lived in the Bangor area for all of my conscious life. I don't remember life before living in the river town of Winterport so, I consider myself a local. I have moved around from town to town within the Bangor area, living on Fern Street in Bangor for my first "adult" apartment, living in Orono with my brother for a short while, renting in Old Town, owning a home in Alton, now living in Eddington. And, that's not even all of the places in the past 16 years of adulthood that I've lived at.

So, I felt like, with all of this moving around and getting to know different areas around Bangor, that I had a vibe of what Maine was kinda about.

But, this year, I've been discovering Ellsworth, the town with that busy road that leads to Mount Desert Island. It's got a train and that's about all I knew. But, this year, I've really had a chance to see all the things this little Downeast town has to offer.

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This year in particular, there seems to be a little boom going on on Main Street in downtown Ellsworth, a trend that's continuing to bring local, unique, creative and cool businesses to this town and, frankly, to the Down East Maine community.

I feel like I've found a town that fits me, a tattoo shop next to a fine cuisine restaurant, across from a punk rock burrito shop, near an English pub, across from a mindfulness center and artists, and down the street from a kick-ass park that my kids would love.

It's such a great 'Down Home' community with its legacy restaurants, river views, and residential space. But it does have another side of it that has a realistic, economic strength with the 'big box/national chain' district. This little city has convenience, good vibes and lots of opportunities to enjoy life just a little more broadly.

Take a look at the great offerings this great little city of Downeast Maine has to offer and you might see why I found Ellsworth to be the place of "my people."

25 Must-Visit Places In Ellsworth

The bustling and scenic town of Ellsworth has a lot of history, old and new and lots of experiences to have, old and new. Whether you want to take a train ride, take the kids to the park, get a sweet tattoo, treat yourself or find that after-party early morning breakfast, here are 25 businesses and locations to really get some memorable experiences at the good vibes town Downeast Maine, Ellsworth.


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