Over the weekend, while seedings for the State Class B Girls Cross Country Championship were being compiled, it was found that an error had been made in the timing of the Class B Regional Meet. Instead of timing out to the hundreths of a second, original results were out to tenths of a second. The correction of this error means that Ellsworth  are the Class B North Regional Champions and MDI are in 2nd place, rather than MDI in 1st and Ellsworth in 2nd as originally reported.

When the totals were recalculated, both schools ended up with 52 points, rather than MDI with 51 points and Ellsworth 52 points. Going to the Maine Principal's tiebreaker, it was determined that Ellsworth finished ahead of MDI and are the Regional Champions.

Both schools have qualified for the State Meet this Saturday, October 27th at Belfast

Athletic Directors Bunky Dow (MDI) and Josh Frost (Ellsworth) will be meeting at Ellsworth High School on Tuesday, October 23rd to exchange Champion and Runner-Up Plaques. WDEA's Chris Popper will be there, and we will have an interview with both AD's on the website tomorrow morning.

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