They're like little gifts from God! They're the most hoped for days by students and most teachers alike.. They're SNOW DAYS! And the good news for students and staff and faculty in the Ellsworth and AOS 91 school districts, in the event of heavy snow, there will be snow days in 2020-21.

It was thought that with the transition to remote learning in the Spring of 2020 and in the Fall of 2021 that there might be an end to snow days. Just flip on the computer and get taught from home! But, for at least this winter, if the weather outside is too frightful, everyone will get the day off.

In the event that the Ellsworth School Department and/or AOS 91 have delays or cancellations we'll be sure to post the information on our website and will have announcements on air.

If there are 2 hour delays, AOS 91 will follow this schedule. If there are 2 hour delays in Ellsworth on Friday, the students will stay in school for a full day, rather than being released early as is normal on Friday.

Remember if you're looking forward to a snow day, your chances may or not be better if you go to bed with your pajamas are on backwards. And you can always check the Snow Day Calculator


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