In the 3 plus years that we have featured Elf On the Shelf pictures on the WDEA website, we have had many very creative pictures. This one, as simple as it is, is one of my favorite of all time!

How perfect is it, in the time of giving, to have The Elf On the Shelf give a practical lesson to little children...feed the hungry! Hopefully this is a lesson that will stay with this child and everyone else that sees it. If the Elf on the Shelf can bring food to the food cupboard, why can't we? Can we donate a toy to those in need? Can we give clothing to the cold? See why this is one of my favorites?

If you're looking for inspiration for your Elf On the Shelf, click HERE. There are 3 plus years of photos to give you ideas, and hopefully a smile. I hope though that you Elf On a Shelf, copies this idea, and you too will bring food to the hungry

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays