Pentatonix – Thank You [VIDEO]
Pentatonix released their newest single on November 25th, "Thank You" off of their latest album "We Need a Little Christmas". Perfectly timed for Thanksgiving and the Christmas season!
Ellsworth Boy Scout Troop 86 Christmas Tree Sale
The annual Ellsworth Boys Scout Troop 86 Christmas Tree Sale begins on Saturday, November 28th at the Small Animal Clinic parking lot near the Ellsworth Car Wash. All proceeds will go to help support the Troop's 2021 adventures like summer camp, camp-outs, rafting, volunteer work, personal deve…
MDI Scouts Selling Wreaths and Trees
The MDI Scouts are now set up at a new location, selling wreaths and trees. For the last 25 years they have been located at Holland Avenue, but this year they will be at 70 Cottage Street, at the American Legion Hall.
What’s Your Elf Name?
Oh hi! You can just refer to me as "SugarPlum Greenbottom" from now on! Want something fun to do with your children? Find our your and their elf names!

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