Elf on a Shelf

Elf On A Shelf November 26
Unfortunately children grow up, but hopefully the magic of Christmas stays in their hearts forever. Even at almost 58 I feel the magic, especially when I look on Facebook and see families doing Elf on a Shelf. Thanks to my friend Carrie, we have had 7 years of Elf on a Shelf pictures on the WDEA web…
Elf On a Shelf 121316
Be afraid! Be very afraid when our Elf On a Shelf is teaching the Minions science and they're talking about Exploding Science and Experiments That Go Pop and there's a giant test tube marked Danger!
Elf On a Shelf 120916
After 2 days of recovery and downtime after what will forever be referred to as the "Dog Incident" Marco seems back to normal! As a matter of fact, he and his friend Henry decided they needed to have a little silly string fight!
Elf On A Shelf 120716
I think that there should be a warning label on the boxes of Elf On a Shelf. It should read "Warning Elf On a Shelf Is Tantalizing to Dogs! Please Keep Your Dog Away From Your Elf On a Shelf!"

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