Elf on a Shelf

Elf On a Shelf December 22
There are 3 days left until Christmas. It's crunch time. With 72 hours to go, it seems Marty and Merry are going to be pulling some late nights! They found the Red Bull!
Elf On a Shelf – December 20
If you thought being an Elf On a Shelf was all fun and games, let me tell you, sometimes it's not. When the dog mistakes you for one of his favorite stuffy chew-toys, well, let's just say injuries happen.
Elf On a Shelf December 18
Flying back and forth to the North Pole every night is exhausting work, sometimes you just have to chill. That's exactly what Marty and Merry did, deciding they needed a little soak. Low for 8 hours is just the perfect temperature!
Elf on a Shelf December 17
Christmas is just 8 days away and Marty and Merry will be returning to the North Pole for another year! They decided to disguise themselves last night, trying to blend in with their surroundings!
Elf On a Shelf December 16
With Christmas just 9 days away, Marty and Merry decided to go to get the Christmas tree! Those Little Debbie Christmas trees come already decorated with a delicious frosting!
Elf on a Shelf December 15
After a few days at the North Pole, Marty and Merry are back, and it looks like Marty got stuck! Good thing Merry had the Barbie car to pull Marty out of the sink!

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