Check out our December 3rd Elf on a Shelf photos from 2020 and 2019! There's nothing like seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child

Here's a great idea! Have your Elf send their child(ren) on a hunt! Better to do this with milk chocolate than real Easter eggs! Take it from me, it can get a little smelly if not all the Easter eggs are found!

Photo Angie Chamberlain

It must have been the night for scavenger hunts, as Jingle lost his hat and sent his children on a mission to find his hat!

Photo Danielle Williams

Flash back to 2019

Pro-Tip - Don't let the Elf on a Shelf know which is your underwear drawer! It seems Marty and Merry were exploring and like that rhyme " I saw London... I saw France... I found your underpants!"

Photo Angie Chamberlain

We post Elf on a Shelf photos to give you inspiration if you are doing this with your family, or just to bring a smile to your face if you're not. There's nothing like seeing the magic of Christmas through the eyes of a child. To look at previous Elf on a Shelf postings click HERE

Photo Angie Chamberlain

If you are doing Elf on the Shelf and want to have your photos featured, please email with your original photo

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