WDEA's Chris Popper sat down with Kim Swan to talk about the new movie directed by Peter Logue, "Consolidation" which talks about the creation of MDI High School. It will premiere this Sunday, September 1st at the Criterion Theatre in Bar Harbor at 3 PM.

The film talks about the challenges of creating 1 high school after Mount Desert High School, Pemetic High School, and Bar Harbor High School combined to form MDI High School back in 1968. The 1st class of the combined MDI High School just celebrated their 50th anniversary!

Speaking in the film are

  • Matt Haney (Principal, Mount Desert Island High School)
  • Melody Haskell (MDIHS Class of 1971 | Bar Harbor)
  • John Bennett (MDIHS Class of 1970 | Southwest Harbor)
  • Jean Fernald (Retired Teacher, MDIHS)
  • Charlie Weeks (Retired Teacher, Pemetic High School)
  • Jo Cooper (MDIHS Class of 1970 | Bar Harbor)
  • Steve Parady (MDIHS Class of 1973 | Mount Desert)
  • Jamie Gonzales (MDIHS Class of 1969 | Mount Desert)
  • Burt Barker (MDIHS Class of 1969 | Bar Harbor)
  • Cliff Olson (Retired Guidance Counselor, MDIHS)
  • Scott McFarland (MDIHS Class of 1974 | Bar Harbor)
  • John Walls (Retired Assistant Principal, MDIHS)
  • Don Coates (Former Principal, Mount Desert High School)
  • Joe Marshall (MDIHS Class of 1973 | Southwest Harbor)
  • Ken Smith (MDIHS Class of 1971 | Bar Harbor)
  • Millard Dority (MDIHS Student 1968 - 1971 | Bar Harbor)
  • Ron Frost (MDIHS Class of 1970 | Bar Harbor)
  • Bunky Dow (MDIHS Class of 1978 | Tremont)
  • Whitey Griffin (Retired Food Service Director, MDIHS)

Current MDI High School Students interviewed by Jeff Zaman's Film Class in the Fall of 2018

  • Atty Brown
  • Jakob Gregory
  • Ben Hulbert
  • Ryan Kelly
  • Austria Morehouse

Also appearing are

  • Steve Ashley
  • Marge Beam
  • Scamp Gray
  • Jesse Thomas
  • Roland Salsbury
  • Jamie Gonzales
  • Marcia Murphy
  • Mike Curtis
  • Robin Porter

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