Colby Lacasse, the 10 year old from Blue Hill Maine survived the 2nd episode of the Kid's Baking Challenge, that was shown on Monday, January 11th, and now will advance to Episode 3, to be shown on Monday, January 18th at 8 PM.

Episode 2 was Eclairs Gone Wild, and the kids had to bake, fill and decorate eclairs, and then there was the impromptu challenge. In Episode 2, the Kid Bakers had to make their favorite animal eclair, in addition to a normal eclair.

Colby made a goldfish for his animal eclair, and was again in the bottom 3. As celebrity judges Duff Goldman and Valerie Bertinelli talked to the bottom 3, Colby started to cry, and I wanted to reach through the TV and give him a giant hug! He had all his fingers crossed as they told him he was safe, and they sent home another.

Next week's Episode is "Hot" Chocolate. In Episode 3, Valerie Bertinelli and Duff Goldman turn up the heat and ask the remaining eight bakers to incorporate chilies, peppers, cayenne and more into their chocolate creations. The kid bakers must balance the heat in their sweets, so that they showcase the flavor without overwhelming the judges' taste buds.

If you missed Monday's episode, click HERE, and you should be able to watch the full episode starting on Tuesday, January 12th