After numerous delays because of the weather, no electricity and more, the Coastal League Middle School Championships were held at MDI High School on Monday, October 21st.  Here are the team results.

Boys Team Scores

  1. Mount Desert Elementary
  2. Mirus Academy
  3. Conners-Emerson
  4. Pemetic
  5. Lamoine
  6. Trenton
  7. Tremont
  8. Hancock

There was a 3 point difference between Mirus Academy and Conners-Emerson and just 1 point betwen Pemetic and Lamoine

Girls Team Scores

  1. Conners-Emerson
  2. Mount Desert Elementary
  3. Lamoine
  4. Tremont
  5. Pemetic
  6. Trenton
  7. Hancock

Unfortunately I don't have individual results. Congratulations to all those who competed.

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