What Public Works puts down in the Winter, Public Works takeths away in the Spring! Here's the 2022 City of Ellsworth Public Works Street Sweeping Schedule. Everything is weather dependent.

Photo Chris Popper
Photo Chris Popper

Please give the street sweeper a wide berth, and try not to park on the street during "your week" so all the sand and debris can get picked up!

Daytime Street Sweeping Schedule (Allow 7 days per area)

  • March 21 - Outer Main Street - Includes Union Street, Maddocks Avenue, American Avenue, McDonald Avenue, Fletcher Street, Spencer Street, Carlisle Street, Fairground Road, Beals Avenue
  • March 30 - East Side of Oak Street - Includes Davis Street, Fox Street, Birch Avenue, Parcher Street, Lincoln Street, Bayview Avenue, Church Street and Park Street
  • April 11 - West Side of High Street - Includes Foster Street, Washington Street, Deane Street, Pine Street, Spruce Street, Hancock Street, Elm Street and Franklin Street
  • April 20 - West Side of the Union River - Includes South Street, Maple Street, Laurel Street, Chapel Street, Willow Street, Liberty Street, Youngs Avenue, Westwood Drive, Spring House Lane, Mountainview Drive, Hillside Drive Road, Riverside Lane
  • April 29 - West Side of Oak Street - Includes Church Street, Park Street, Birch Avenue, School Street, Central Street, Sterling Street, 3rd Street, Woo Street
  • May 10 - School Area - Pond Avenue, Argonne Street, Hold Drive, Wester Avenue, 5th Street, St. Jude Lane, Shore Road, Forrest Avenue, Lejok Street, Fieldstone Way
  • May 19 - Outer State Street - Includes Lakes Lane, Commerce Park, Fireman Road, Boggy Brook Road, Industrial Road, Transfer Station, Falls Court

2022 Nighttime Street Sweeping Schedule - (Allow 5 Nights per area)

  • March 28 - Main Street and Bridge Hill
  • April 4 - Oak and Outer State Street
  • April 11 - High Street to Short Street
  • April 18 - Short Street to Beechland Road
  • April 25 - Kingsland Crossing and Beechland Road
  • May 2 - Myrick Street and Downeast Highway
  • May 9 - Franklin Street and City Hall Parking Lots
  • May 16 - Schools
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