I couldn't believe, this morning, how many pictures of people's car gauges I saw on Facebook. They all showed the same thing....the temperature read-out said it's COLD out right now! So, as you're going through your day, take a few minutes to stop by and visit your elderly neighbors. It could just be a pleasant visit, but it could also save a life.

Check to make sure they have enough oil to get them through the extreme cold snap. And, if you can, pop inside for a few minutes to make sure they haven't turned the heat WAY down to conserve oil. Ask a few questions. Is your water running okay? Do you have everything you need? Food? Medications? Give them a call if you're headed to the market and ask if there's anything you can pick up for them.

And if they have a rural mail box, check it and deliver any mail you find there to the folks inside. It's often very difficult for seniors who find it tough to get around in good weather to get to the box in bad. If they have a car, offer to clean off the snow, start it up, and let it run for a few minutes to keep it from freezing up.

Snow is another issue for the area's elderly. I was very proud of my youngest son this week when he stopped over to his grandparents' house and snowblowed their driveway. Take a few minutes, after the next snowstorm, and shovel out their driveway. And don't forget the walkways and in front of all the doors, so that if medical personnel need to get in, or the occupants need to get OUT, they can.

It doesn't take very long and it just might make a huge difference. And, if nothing else, your neighbors will appreciate the visit and your concern.