Look for a new BMW motorcycle TV commercial that was shot on MDI and at Acadia National Park.

The commercial titled "rowboat" that was shot in one day starts out with a couple on a romantic row boat ride.  They're towing the BMW bike on what looks to be a homemade wooden raft. When they reach shore they get the bike off the raft and hit the dirt trail, eventually making it to the pavement for a ride along Acadia National Park's "Park Loop Road."

You'll see the couple ride underneath one of the park's well known stone bridges and then winding their way to a romantic sunset from the summit of Mount Cadillac.

The R1200 GS Adventure motorcycle from BMW is made for both the dirt and the pavement.  It has a starting price of $18,340.

According to an article in the MDI Islander, Eben Richardson of Bar Harbor built the wooden raft that the bike rides on in the beginning of the television commercial.