With the decision for all AOS 91 schools to transition to full time remote learning effective January 4th for a minimum of 2 weeks (through January 15th) there are a lot of questions about students picking up instructional materials, food etc. Families should be expecting emails/information from building principals. As we get any of the information we will post it here.

All elementary middle schools will begin remote learning on Wednesday January 6th with MDI High School beginning Monday January 4th.

Conners Emerson School

To read the parent letter please click HERE

Material and technology distribution will occur on Tuesday, January 5th from 2 to 5 p.m. Remote learning will begin on Wednesday, January 6th

If your family needs technology support or has unreliable or inadequate wifi, please contact the school on Monday, January 4th: ask for Chrissy Parkinson, the technology coordinator

If you would like to receive a box of food (5 breakfasts/ 5 lunches per student), please fill in the form by SUNDAY January 3rd at 2 PM, in order for the school to have food ready for pick up on Tuesday

Mount Desert Elementary School

Tuesday January 5th parents should come to the school to pick up learning devices, learning bags and materials, and food.

Distribution Times are as follows:

3:00-3:30. Families with last names A- M

3:30-4:00 Families with last names N-Z

To sign up for the food distribution (5 breakfasts/ lunches) click HERE. You only need to do this once for the month of January

Please drive past the school, and turn left into the parking lot. Staff members will there to place your items in your trunk, or on a table for you to retrieve. Please be sure to come at the designated times listed above. *If traveling to school on Tuesday is a hardship, please reach out  on the family support form and the school will be in touch to make an alternate plan.

*Teachers will be in touch with more details regarding your child's schedule. Be sure to check your email.

MDI High School

School began January 4th. Please read the following

Pemetic Elementary School

Pemetic Families will pick up remote learning bags on Tuesday, January 5th.

Times are as follows

  • 9am - 9:40 am - Last names beginning with A-D
  • 9:45 a.m. - 10:25 a.m. - Last names beginning with E-K
  • 10:30 a.m. - 11:10 a.m. - Last names beginning with L-P
  • 11:15 a.m - 11:55 a.m. - Last names beginning with R-Z

Food pickup will be on Wednesday. To sign up please fill out this form You only need to fill out the form once. Pickup will be WEDNESDAYS 11:00-11:45am in the front loop of the school.

Tremont Consolidated School

Tremont Consolidated School Food Support -  Tremont families in need of food assistance during remote learning can complete the Tremont Family Support Form to sign up.  The school will be delivering food to individual homes this time around.  The first food distribution for Tremont families will be on Wednesday, January 6th from 8:00-9:00am.  After that, weekly distributions will happen on Friday mornings between 8:00-9:00am, beginning Friday, January 8th.  We cannot leave food without someone in the household available to receive it.  If you have any questions regarding food support, please contact Jen Caeti, Head of Food Services at 244-7777 or jcaeti@mdirss.org.

Tremont Materials and Technology Distribution - Tremont Consolidated School will offer both in person, drive through style materials and technology pick up OR at home delivery for those who cannot make the in-person pick up on Tuesday, January 5th.

  • K-2 families will pick up from 2:40-3:00pm
  • 3-4 families will pick up from 3:00-3:20pm
  • 5-8 families will pick up from 3:20-3:40pm

4:00 will begin home delivery of those unable to pick up in person.  Look for a gray Tremont Consolidated Van dropping off.  We will place materials outside your door.  We will NOT drop off technology without seeing someone home to promptly bring the device inside.


Materials will be laid out on tables alphabetically by last name.  Families with multiple children will find all materials in one spot.  They will be organized by the last name of the youngest child in the family.


Please pull into the main entrance.  Last names beginning A-H will pick up directly in front of the school along the curb in the former bus loop.  Last names beginning I-Z will pick up in the parking lot closest to Tremont Road, where buses have been parking this year.  One person at a time will be able to get out and get materials.   Please wait until the person from the car ahead is safely back inside the car before you get out to get your child's materials.


MASKS ARE REQUIRED.  Tremont staff will be available to assist you in getting your child's materials from a safe distance.


If you have any health related questions or concerns, please contact our nurse, Kelsea Squires at ksquires@mdirss.org or 558-8389 or principal, Jandrea True at 412-8118 or jandrea.true@mdirss.org.

Trenton Elementary School

To read the letter from Principal Mike Zboray please click HERE. Remote learning will begin on Wednesday, January 6th. Material and technology distribution will occur on Tuesday, January 5th

If your family needs technology support or has unreliable or inadequate wifi, please contact the school on Monday, January 4th: call 667-8447 or email sroguski@mdirss.org, She will prepare a list of needs for Mrs. Lambert to prepare for distribution

Weekly breakfast and lunch will be distributed on Monday and Wednesday between 7:30-8am. Families need to pick up at Trenton Elementary School. Families can sign up for meals using this link

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