The AOS 91 School Board held a workshop in the Higgins-Demas Theater at MDI High School on Thursday evening, August 6th, in preparation for the School Board to vote on the plan on Monday, August 10th at 5:30 p.m.

To see the Power Point Presentation that was discussed, click HERE. The AOS 91 Superintendent, Dr. Marc Gousse is recommending to the Board to change the student start day, from September 1st to Tuesday, September 8th, in keeping with other districts within Hancock County.

One thing that has been emphasized was that ALL, students, staff and teachers would have to wear masks. Face shields would only be approved if there were medical reasons, or necessary for a student's IEP or 504 plan.

Key Questions that the School Board will consider at the August 10th meeting

  1. Open remote-only on September 8 and remain remote for first two weeks (September 18);  begin phase in to full hybrid/in person models by September 25.
  2. Open September 8 for some students (e.g., most vulnerable, kindergarten) in person and phase in other students on a building-based schedule so full hybrid/in person can be implemented by October 13.
  3. Open September 8 full hybrid/in person for all students and staff (who are not involved with the Virtual Only Option)
  4. Open remote-only on September 8 and remain remote-only through October 12. Begin full hybrid/in person models on October 13.

A key concern for staff and teachers has been what happens if someone gets sick

  • Any employee showing symptoms of COVID-19 may only return to work after meeting the standards recommended by the CDC.
  • Any employee who exhausts their FFCRA Leave and/or contractual leave may request a leave of absence.
  • Employees may have access to additional leave via FFCRA or FMLA. (Ref. staff handbook)
  • Prior to accessing FFCRA Leave, an employee must submit an FFCRA Leave Request. MDIRSS may require medical documentation or certification in order to approve an FFCRA Leave Request.

What happens in one school may not be the same in every school throughout the District.  Different schools may be able accommodate more children based upon size and configurations.

The School District is working on putting together a student/staff/parent handbook for distribution

Health and Safety Protocols

  • Establish/communicate clear expectations about when students and staff need to stay home and when they need to contact their PCP. (Ref. student/parent/staff handbooks)
  • Establish/communicate protocols for when a staff member or student shows symptoms/tests positive for COVID - 19.
  • Limit exposure by restricting visitors to all school buildings.
  • Develop/implement training and education plans.


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