If you have old paint, TV's and computer monitors, and other household hazardous waste and universal waste that you wish to dispose of, then you'll want to circle Saturday, September 25th on your calendar.

The location of the annual Household Hazardous and Universal Waste collection site has been changed from the usual location at MDI High School. This year it was be held at 20 Harbor Drive in Tremont from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Residents of the Acadia Disposal District should stop at their town hall to pick up the necessary form. There is no fee for those with the form.

Hazardous Waste items accepted include

  • Oil based paints - NO latex, dry these latex paints at home and then put them with your regular trash.
  • Transmission and brake fluids
  • Turpentine/Varnish/Stains
  • Paint remover & strippers/Thinners
  • Pool and Photo chemicals
  • Used antifreeze/Driveway sealer
  • Adhesives/ solvents
  • Oven and drain cleaner
  • Fungicides/herbicides/pesticides
  • Battery acid and muriatic acid
  • Waste oil/ gasoline/diesel;
  • Linseed oil
Materials classified as Universal Waste accepted include:
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Fever and cooking thermometers
  • Some gas appliances;
  • PCB ballasts
  • Lamps: high-pressure sodium and fluorescent,
  • neon, mercury vapor and metal halide
  • Old chest freezers,
  • Weather barometers
  • Blood pressure cuffs
  • TV’s, Computer monitors and CPU’s (the box)
If in doubt, please bring the item in question to the collection site for the organizers to determine what to do with it !!!
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