This was the scene in Orland Saturday morning, where there was a 2 car accident. The Orland Fire Department had to  close a short section of the road, rerouting traffic onto Dunbar Road.  What made it dangerous for the first responders and those involved in the accident is what happened next!

According to the Orland Fire Department 1 individual decided to ignore the clear directions of fire department personnel, a fire truck blocking the road, cones, and a stop/slow sign, and drove right through the middle of the scene, posing a serious risk to all.

Now I can relate to the feeling of inconvenience. Last night I was stuck in traffic by Route 1A Relics as there was an accident. We all had to turn around and head to the Red Bridge Road and traffic was backed up for miles. I could see a path through, if we drove through the parking lot, but imagine the danger that would have potentially caused. The attention of the 1st responders needed to be on attending to those involved, just like in the accident this morning. It's why I usually allow extra time in traveling to Ellsworth and Bar Harbor from Bangor.. For such an occurrence!  The lesson... Don't put yourself before others!

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