Some things seen in Maine are just so amazing we think it's safe to assume they are caused by magic. What do you think?

1.) Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)

Although the lights are more visible North of Maine, when we do get to see them it's a beautiful thing! But why are there dancing purple and green lights in the sky only certain times of the year? The answer has to be magic! or this....

Aurora Borealis, North Haven. Reader photo by @billtrevaskis. #maine #aurora #island

A photo posted by Down East Magazine (@downeastmagazine) on

2.) Albino Moose

Albino animals are rare in Maine but none more rare than the elusive white moose! How amazing it must be to see one! But where do they come from? Why do we see them so rarely?! Only the chosen ones can see them because they are magical! Biologist think this is why...

#maasss #albinomoose #rare #spotted #maine #guatemala #GDP A photo posted by Ⓜ️🅰🅰7⃣7⃣7⃣ | 🍎🎃🍋♻️💙♑️☔️ (@maassscall) on

3.) Fireflies

In the US there are hardly any lightning bugs west of Kansas, so never take for granted the nights they twinkle in our grass because it's magic! There is no way a bug just lights up! It could only be magic, or this...

We caught lightning bugs tonight. 

A photo posted by Katherine Mitchell (@katherinemitchell) on

4.) The First Sun Rise in the Country

The exact point of first sunlight in Maine differs depending on the time of year and who you ask, either way it's a magical feeling! Here's what Yankee Magazine thinks of the first US sunrise.

Cadillac mountain sunrise #MMOUT #sunrise #49degrees #lovemaine A photo posted by Chris Burkhardt (@burkhardt_30) on

5.) The Fall Foliage

Raking may seem like a pain, but people travel miles to see our colorful array of leaves in the fall! How do they know to change color every year? Must be magic... or maybe this...

I'm going to miss this in the off season :(

A photo posted by Amanda McDonald (@amcdo) on

6.) Ice Storms

The storms often have negative effects on our lives, but the sight of everything covered in a sheet of ice is totally magic! I mean frozen water can cover your vehicle and keep you out? Sounds like magic to me...

Yes, a surprise spring ice storm is making walking and driving a little more exciting than usual, but look how pretty it is! A photo posted by University Of Maine (@university.of.maine) on

7.) Old Sow

The largest tidal whirlpool in the western hemisphere and we have it here!? How? Why? MAGIC! Read more about it here.

8.) Snow

Again, we know it can be a total pain and even dangerous... but when you go to bed, then wake up with 4 feet of cold white dust on everything out your window, my pets think it's magic! 

Forest light. ✨

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