Friday November 11th was Veteran's Day, and Bar Harbor was full of shoppers in their pajamas for the Annual Pajama Early Bird Sale and Bed Races. Those events were originally scheduled to take place Saturday the 12th, but the weather forecast forced a change in plans.

Friday was a picture-perfect morning with temps in the low 60's and sunny skies. Cottage Street was packed with spectators anxiously waiting the running of the beds. This year was a banner year of 13 teams entering, and special thanks to the Bar Harbor Inn who donated 3 beds for teams to use without beds!

Prior to the races all Veterans  were asked to come into the middle of the road to receive the thanks and acknowledgement of the Community.

Teams competing included

  • Lickity Split Lobsters (Bar Harbor Bank and Trust)
  • Bar Harbor Inn and Spa
  • Bed Subcommittee
  • Camp Beech Clif
  • Faster Than Rising Rates (First National Bank)
  • Side Street Cruisers
  • The Inn on Mount Desert
  • The Alpines of the Community School
  • Acadia Youth Sports (2021 Champions!)
  • Jack Rusell's
  • The Napping House
  • The Mattress of Misfit Toys
  • Blue Dolphin

The format was that everyone would run from the start/finish line at The Criterion to the end of Cottage/Main Street and turn around and run back. There was a designated area where teams had to come to a complete stop and then the pushers had to change sides, left-right and right-left. They needed to do that on the way up and back. Failure to do so, or failure to come to a complete stop would result in a 5 second penalty.

First Round Results with the Top 4 advancing to the semifinals

  1. Bed Subcommittee - 37.97
  2. Acadia Youth Sports - 39.84
  3. Bar Harbor Inn and Spa - 40.09
  4. The Napping House - 41.41
  5. The Inn on Mount Desert 41.72
  6. Faster than the Rising Tides - 42.38
  7. Side Street Cruisers  - 42.50
  8. Jack Russells  - 44.88
  9. Lickety Split  - 47.04
  10. The Mattress of Misfit Toys  - 55.22
  11. Camp Beech Cliff  - 58.41
  12. The Alpines of the Community School 58.47
  13. Blue Dolphin  - 58.94

The Top 4 teams advances to the semifinals. The results of the Top 4 were

  1. Bed Subcommittee - 37.63
  2. Bar Harbor Inn and Spa - 38.57
  3. The Napping House - 40.56
  4. Acadia Youth Sports - 44.12

So the final 2 teams were Bed Subcommittee and Bar Harbor Inn and Spa!

After they raced, Bed Subcommittee were declared the winners with a blazing time of 37.15, a world record time. The Bar Harbor Inn and Spa finished with a respectable time of 40.00!

The Bed Subcommittee won the 1st place trophy and each team member (5) received a $50 Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce gift certificate. The Bar Harbor Inn and Spa received the runner-up trophy and the teammates received a $25 gift card. The team of The Mattress of Misfit Toys received the trophy for Best Spirited!

The Early Bird Sale will continue in most stores on Saturday, November 12th!

It was an honor to emcee the event! I hope to see you next year!

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Check out the photos from the race!

2022 Bar Harbor Bed Races

Crowds lined Cottage Street in Bar Harbor to watch 15 teams race up and down in 60 degree weather on November 11th during the Annual Bar Harbor Bed Races

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