The crew of a Coast Guard vessel saved a Massachusetts woman who was swept into the sea near Acadia National Park's Thunder Hole.

How Did She Go In The Water?

Sean Bonnage of the National Park Service confirmed for us that the 20-year-old woman from Royalston, Massachusetts was sitting on the rocks a few hundred yards south of Thunder Hole on Saturday when she was swept off a ledge and into the water. The woman managed to stay afloat until the United States Coast Guard could arrive at the scene. Rescuers located the victim about 400 yards off-shore and got her into the boat within 30 minutes of the time when she went into the water. The woman was transported to Mount Desert Island Hospital for evaluation.

Were There Warnings to Visitors About the High Surf Conditions?

Acadia National Park was experiencing high surf on Saturday due to Hurricane Earl and Bonnage says Park Rangers were on Ocean Drive warning people about the conditions. Visitors are always advised to be aware of their surroundings and respect the power of the ocean, as 'sneaker' or 'rogue' waves aren't all that uncommon. According to the National Weather service, These waves that can occur during a storm surge are larger than surrounding waves and can reach farther onshore, catching people unaware and potentially sweeping them into the ocean.

High tide on Saturday was at 11:16 a.m. and this incident happened just after that. Park officials thank the United States Coast Guard and Bar Harbor Emergency Management Services for their quick response.

Where Can I Find Current Conditions at the Park?

Stay up-to-date about park conditions on the website for Acadia National Park. 

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