I don't know how today isn't a federal holiday! It is after all Fluffernutter Day -- a day to celebrate the ooey gooey sticky combination of peanut butter and Fluff. I'm not sure about you, but I prefer my fluffernutter with jelly, otherwise it can be a bit dry.

Photo Chris Popper - Townsquare Media
Photo Chris Popper - Townsquare Media

I went to the Hannaford in Brewer to get a picture of Fluff, and was looking for Pink Fluff, but I guess they don't make that anymore. Sigh... gone the way of green and purple ketchup.

Fluff dates back to 1917 although the earliest example of the fluffernutter is in 1913.

According to the National Day Calendar in 1917, Archibald Query of Somerville, Massachusetts invented a sweet marshmallow-like spread called Marshmallow Creme. Before that, in 1913 during World War I, Emma and Amory Curtis of Melrose, Massachusetts invented Snowflake Marshmallow Creme and published a recipe for a peanut butter and marshmallow creme sandwich, which is the earliest known example of a fluffernutter. When Query sold his recipe for Marshmallow Creme to Durkee-Mower, Inc. in 1920, they renamed it Marshmallow Fluff

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