With the Park Loop Road open in Acadia National Park, everyone now has the opportunity to go up to the top of Cadillac Mountain to view the sunrise and sunset. Here are the sunrise and sunset times in Bar Harbor for June 2020, with the full moon scheduled for Friday, June 5th.

MondayJune 14:49 a.m.8:12 p.m.

TuesdayJune 24:48 a.m.8:12 p.m.
WednesdayJune 34:48 a.m.8:13 p.m.
ThursdayJune 44:48 a.m.8:14 p.m.
FridayJune 54:47 a.m.8:15 p.m.
SaturdayJune 64:47 a.m.8:15 p.m.
Sunday June 74:47 a.m.8:16 p.m.
MondayJune 84:46 a.m.8:17 p.m.
TuesdayJune 94:46 a.m.8:17 p.m.
WednesdayJune 104:46 a.m.8:18 p.m.
ThursdayJune 114:46 a.m.8:18 p.m.
FridayJune 12 4:46 a.m.8:19 p.m.
Saturday June 134:46 a.m.8:19 p.m.
SundayJune 144:46 a.m.8:20 p.m.
MondayJune 154:46 a.m.8:20 p.m.
TuesdayJune 164:46 a.m.8:21 p.m.
WednesdayJune 174:46 a.m.8:21 p.m.
ThursdayJune 184:46 a.m.8:21 p.m.
FridayJune 194:46 a.m.8:22 p.m.
SaturdayJune 204:46 a.m.8:22 p.m.
SundayJune 214:46 a.m.8:22 p.m.
MondayJune 224:47 a.m.8:22 p.m.
TuesdayJune 234:47 a.m.8:22 p.m.
WednesdayJune 244:47 a.m.8:23 p.m.
ThursdayJune 254:48 a.m.8:23 p.m.
FridayJune 264:48 a.m.8:23 p.m.
SaturdayJune 274:48 a.m.8:23 p.m.
Sunday June 284:49 a.m.8:23 p.m.
Monday June 294:49 a.m.8:22 p.m.
TuesdayJune 304:50 a.m.8:22 p.m.

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