I have the next winning campaign for Maine's Department of Tourism..."Celebrate Sprinter in Maine!" What you ask is Sprinter? It's that time period, when winter has gone, and spring really hasn't started. Case in point today, March 31st! We had freezing rain, sleet and rain here so far today, and at 10 AM it's 32 degrees. A perfect Sprinter day! I mean, winter officially ended, on March 19th, 12 days ago, and even though Spring began 11 days ago, we really have had only one springy type of a day.

A Beautiful Sprinter Day in Maine (Photo Credit Chris Popper)

So, let's celebrate Sprinter! I anticipate it only lasting another week or so, and by April 14th, we'll officially be in Spring. Then of course there's mud season, and bug season, before summer!

Maine... The Way Life Should Be (without Sprinter, mud and bug season!)