After being up in the County this past weekend and looking at all the snow they have had up there I know I shouldn't complain about another snowfall here in the Bangor - Downeast Maine area! Snowfall is expected to begin Tuesday night, with early forecasts calling for around 7 inches in the Bangor area and 3 inches Downeast and this is the perfect opportunity to break out the Snow Day Calculator!

Want to know if you should finish your homework? (You should) Want to know if you should study for that test or exam Wednesday? (You should). Want to know if you should stay up and not worry about school Wednesday? There's a snow day calculator for you to help give you the odds of having a snow day in the near future!

It's pretty simple. You enter your zip code, how many snow days you have already had, and then what kind of school you go to. Then the calculator figures out the probability that you won't have to go to school Wednesday, January 30th! Pretty simple, but to insure you don't have school, I would still suggest going to bed with your pajamas on backwards!

To access the Snow Day Calculator click HERE

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