Yo Ho! You just have to know that if Timber Tina is playing now, it's on like Donkey Kong!  Here's the Great Maine Lumberjack Show's Tuesday May 18th sign!

Photo Tina Scheer

After a day of rest, the Ellsworth Sign Wars continued much to the amusement of those Downeast on Monday, May 17th.

You can just imagine Timber Tina and her lumberjacks from the Great Maine Lumberjack Show putting this out with a hearty Yo-Ho!

Photo Tina Scheer

And Pat's Pizza was at it again!

Photo Ellsworth Pat's Pizza

Saturday morning and Helen's Restaurant turns their sign towards Brown's Appliance and Mattress

Photo Helen's Restaurant

Meanwhile Ellsworth Pet responded to the original sign from Helen's

Photo Chris Popper

Friday morning and the Ellsworth Sign Wars just became Dixie-Chick serious with Pat's Pizza jumping into the fray!



Photo Pat's Pizza

If you don't know the backstory, Tim McCarthy was the long time General Manager of the Ellsworth Pat's Pizza. If you thought of Tim you thought of Pat's and likewise if you thought of Pat's Pizza you thought of Tim McCarthy. Well in June 2020 Tim left Pat's Pizza to go work at Broughman Builders!

It was a calm, sunny Thursday in Ellsworth, when all of a sudden a sign war erupted, with Helen's Restaurant the chief instigator!

Photo Helen's Restauarant via Facebook

We will let you know if Maine Pet and Aquarium takes the bait! Or if anyone else decides to join in this good natured fun. And for the record, Helen's is offering fried smelts as a special on Thursday!

And it looks like the Community Closet wants to play!

Community Closet via Facebook

As the Community Closet said Don’t judge, we had 30 minutes and had to use a sponge to paint and materials we found in the trash to build it, but we couldn’t resist".

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