We know it has been hard on the Class of 2020, and we don't just mean College and High School graduates. The 8th Grade Class, the Class of 2020 has also missed out on many traditional rites of passage.  The Ellsworth Elementary-Middle School has come up with a plan to honor the 8th grade class.

Photo Ellsworth Elementary-Middle School
Photo Ellsworth Elementary-Middle School

Last night, June 2nd there was a virtual awards show and slideshow via zoom.  On June 4th and 5th from 9:00 a.m- 6:00 p.m. Ellsworth Elementary-Middle School will be having families drive up in the parking loop of the school and receive their certificates and a gift, as well as have a backdrop and a photographer for pictures.

The 8th Grade Class Song is "Life Is a Highway" by Rascal Flatts from the movie "Cars"

The 8th Grade Class has made a gift to the school of a TV for the Lobby for the viewing of announcements, schedules and videos.

Congratulations to the 8th grade classes and best of luck as you head off to High School

Mr. Ford's Class

  •  Alex Boudreau
  • Matt Cormier
  • Haley Lee Doyon
  • Ethan Cain Garland
  • Kenneth Arthur Grant Jr.
  • Reece Teal Hellum
  • Cooper Hiull
  • Xevlynn Later
  • Casey Ryan Shea McDonald
  • Sara Mosely
  • Miles M. Palmer
  • Nick M. Roberts
  • Connor Lawrence Robinson
  • Kiera Ann Springer
  • Madeline Sada Springer
  • Kaden Swett
  • Destiny Wilson
  • Ethan Yeung
  • Jozef York

Mrs. Jester's Class

  • Ryan Braley
  • Dominic Brand
  • Max Brown
  • Noah Bubier
  • Reece Carter
  • Virginia Chattley
  • Heath Colley
  • Trinity Fletcher
  • Owen Tyler Frank
  • Winslow Stephan Charles Hanson
  • Kelsie Lambert
  • Luke McKenney
  • Javon McMullen
  • Megan Jones Jordan
  • Chance Victor Mercier
  • Natalie Sawyer
  • Haley Marie Smeal
  • Kaela Bree Springer
  • Noah Bohn Young

Mrs. Johnston's Class

  • Devin  Brown
  • Brooke Clark
  • Tyler Colianni
  • Jodie Harper Cunningham
  • Harlee Donovan
  • Hannah Dawn Farnsworth
  • Cadence Fitzsimmons
  • Bianca Gilmore
  • Emily Hagarman
  • Carter Kennedy
  • Logan Knight
  • Andrew Mason
  • Hannah Malcomb
  • Denise Ogden
  • Ocian Perez
  • Tyler Seavey
  • Wyatt Simmons
  • Jemilee Elizabeth Williams

Mr. McCormack's Class

  • Samantha Campbell
  • Kaleb Conners
  • Caiden Dykeman
  • Lacie Hart
  • Caleb Hichborn
  • Evan Houlsen
  • Connor Hughes
  • Jaleen Mahala Kairs
  • Elizabeth Sophia Kohr
  • Tyrese Jimmy Levesque
  • Kyla Mae Micalizzi
  • Grayson Mote
  • Marquis Palmer
  • Brooke Emma Lynn Pirie
  • Hannah Porter
  • Cassidy Rock
  • Devin Sims
  • Josh Tedeshi
  • Riley Jina Wescott
  • Connor Wight

Mr. McLaughlin's Class

  • Wyatt Bragdon
  • Jacob Burns
  • Isiah R. Corson
  • Serena-Ann Cottrell
  • Jaden Gordon
  • Dominic Hamm
  • Hunter Hartley
  • Sam Kaplan
  • Rakeleigh Keeney
  • Eli King
  • Aaliyah Kaitlyn Manning
  • Darren Matthew McArthur
  • Logan Pereira
  • Kayla Angel Plaisted
  • Garrianna Seavey
  • Chase Strout-Spofford
  • Jaxson Wallace-DeJulio
  • Lily Welch
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