The 13th Annual Bar Harbor Bed Races and 27th Annual Early Bird Pajama Sale will take place on Saturday, November 12th! The Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce is accepting applications for both the Bed Races and Early Bird Sale!

The Bed Races are a great time! The Chamber is hoping that there will be more teams participating! If you don't have a bed don't worry! The Bar Harbor Inn is donating 3 beds for teams to use! The cost to enter your team is $25.00 and I guarantee you'll have a great time! I can't wait to be the emcee again and give play by play as teams run up and down Cottage Street!

Here's the link to the rules and the registration. You're asked to register no later than November 10th, but you'll want to register sooner if you're going to use 1 of the 3 donated beds.

Last year there were 5 teams competing in the bed races.. Each team consisted of 4 pushers and 1 team member who had to ride on the bed. Teams had to run from The Criterion down to the end of Cottage Street (Cottage and Main) and then turn around and race back to the start line.

To add a little difficulty, there was a "challenge zone". Teams had to come to a full stop within the zone, and then the pushers had to change sides, left to right, right to left and then resume the race. The teams had to do this once going up, and then once going back. If they didn't come to a complete stop or failed to switch sides, there was a 1 second penalty per infraction!

The 2021 contestants were Acadia Indoor Golf, Bed Hogs, 2 Cats, Bar Harbor Congregational Church and Bar Harbor Inn.

The first heat include all teams and the Top 3 teams with the best times moved on to the 2nd Heat. The teams moving on were Acadia Indoor Golf, Bar Harbor Congregational Church and Bar Harbor Inn.

After racing again, the Top 2 were Acadia Indoor Golf and Bar Harbor Inn. Those 2 teams raced again for the bragging rights, and trophy signifying Bar Harbor's Fastest Bed Racing Team.

The Acadia Indoor Golf team nipped the Bar Harbor Inn by less than 1 whole second! As the 9-year olds on the Acadia Indoor Golf Team described it..Domination!

The Bar Harbor Inn's bed was voted best decorated!

Photo Angela Sawyer
Photo Angela Sawyer

As I was emceeing the bed races I couldn't take photos, but Cottage Street was absolutely jammed on both sides of the street from The Criteron to Main Street.

The Conners Emerson 8th grade class sold out of all their baked goods thanks to the community's support, raising money for their whitewater rafting trip!

Conners Emerson 8th Grade Pie Sale November 13, 2021 Photo Chris Popper
Conners Emerson 8th Grade Pie Sale November 13, 2021 Photo Chris Popper

Check out the photos of shoppers in their finest during the Pajama Sale! Don't forget Discounts Galore in Every Store... Where Your Pajamas and Save Even More!

2021 Bar Harbor Pajama Sale

Saturday, November 13th was the 26th Annual Pajama Sale in Bar Harbor

And here are photos from the 2017 Bed Races!

Bar Harbor Bed Races - 2017

Check out the photos from the 2017 Bar Harbor Bed Races

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