Yes, we have almost 3 feet of snow on the ground. Yes, we're supposed to get another 8-12 inches of snow Wednesday into Thursday. Yes, just about everyone has used up all their snow days and days are going to have to be tacked on in June. Yes... To all that..But Red Sox Pitchers and Catchers have their first workout today in Florida, and the first Spring Training Game we are going to air on WDEA is Friday February 24th!

This year we are planning on broadcasting 35 Spring Training Games on WDEA. Most games start at 1 PM with a 5 minute pregame and then afternoon baseball. You can only listen to them on air. We cannot broadcast the games on line or on the WDEA APP sponsored by First National Bank. You can find the schedule of games February 24- March 26th HERE. There are games March 27th-April 1st and we will add those to the schedule.

The Red Sox begin the regular season on Monday April 3rd.

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