A plane carrying an American patient stricken with the Ebola virus made a quick stop at Bangor International Airport Saturday. No one from the plane left the runway.

Bangor City Councilor Ben Sprague said in a statement on Facebook that airport staff, law enforcement, and health personnel knew the flight was due and they were prepared should anything happen.

As it turns out, it was a standard stop and refuel, and the plane took off for Atlanta where the two American Aid workers will be treated by the National Center for Disease Control.Two aid workers contracted the disease. The workers have been helping patients in Liberia. More than seven hundred people have died from the deadly disease in West Africa.

Sprague also said in his post that there are many procedures in place for all sorts of scenarios. Bangor plays a key role in international issues such as this because of its geography and the professionalism of, not only the airport staff, but also local law enforcement.

May God be with those folks. We wish them a full recovery!