Meet Marquis! She is a 3 year old Boxer-Pitbull Mix that absolutely LOVES children!

It is rare to find a rescue that loves children, but Marquis LOVES kids! She loves to play with them, snuggle them, and in general be the center of their attention. She doessome tricks, including "sit pretty" but would like to learn more. She is housebroken and really, really smart - so smart that Ishe opened every non-deadbolted door at the SPCA of Hancock County her first night here!

She loves doing zoomies, and while she's  not a fan of every dog she come across, she likes most of them. Marquis is  slow to walk on a leash at first, but very well-mannered once she gets used to the person holding her leash.

Cats are evil creatures from another world, and must be chased and hunted down, so Marquis  would prefer a house that they have not infiltrated so she can fully relax in peace.

Marquis is SO ready for her next forever home! Would you consider being my new person?

To find out more about Marquis and to apply to rescue her from the SPCA of Hancock County click HERE

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