Happy National Dog Day! If you are a dog lover like I am, then today is a day to celebrate!

Here are Wilma in the pink harness and Elmer in the blue harness. Henley wasn't in the picture. Last night when I came home I was greeted by all 3 dogs, and there's nothing like having a dog welcome you home!  Elmer who has lived with us for almost 3 weeks, hasn't really ventured upstairs on his own. I had a little talk with him last night, and asked him if he was a Great Dane or a chicken! Imagine my surprise and happiness when he ran upstairs!

We were watching television last night, upstairs, and a doorbell rang on the tv. Of course the dogs thought there was someone at the door and ran downstairs barking. A couple of minutes later, Elmer came running back upstairs! He climbs stairs like a boss now!

If you have a dog, post his/her picture in the comments!

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