Congratulations to MDI High School's "Big Group" which placed 3rd in their division at the 51st Annual Berklee Jazz Festival on Saturday, January 26th.

Photo MDI High School
Photo MDI High School

According to Music Director Michael Remy

This is especially huge considering that Berklee is a national festival! Judges were impressed with the groups maturity, groove and attention to detail. They even stopped us in the hall later in the day to reiterate how impressed they were.

Each band receives an outstanding soloist award and this year, Dawson Burnett (senior) received the award for his drumming

Members of the "Big Group" include

Saxophones: Jane Pope, Alain Zhang, Peter Benson, El Houghton, Dani LeDuc
Trombones: Adam Christianson, Quentin Pileggi, Brenna Jones, Reider Watson, Irene Choi
Trumpets: Alec Fisichella, Leao Nelson, Molly Collins, Tabitha Booher, Louise Chaplin
Rhythm Section: Edward Choi, Alex Burnett, Chase McGee, Dawson Burnett

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